Ravens Beat Bengals Week 2

This game is 4 months and 3 days from Joe Flacco’s next birthday. He can pick up his 43rd away win. Football=43. 43 is the 14th prime, the Bengals are held at 14 home wins vs the Ravens. The Ravens improve to 9 wins in 23 games in Cincinnati. Both Jim Harbaugh and Marvin Lewis have 9/23 birthdays. This game is also 125 days before Joe Flacco’s birthday, Marvin Lewis will be stuck at 125 all time (and regular season) wins.

John Harbaugh can get his 105th career win over the Cincinnati Bengals (105). Andy Dalton will lose his 45th regular season game in the 45th all time game between the Ravens and the Bengals.

Ravens win and cover -1.5


Colts Beat Bengals Week 1

The Bengals have 351 all time wins. 9/9 is 351 days after Marvin Lewis turned 58. Andrew Luck stays on 27 career losses, date numerology of 27. Frank Reich, the Colts’ new coach, has a birthday of 12/4, which leaves 27 days left in the year. Marvin Lewis picks up his 113th regular season loss to the Colts (30). 113 is the 30th prime. 9/9 leaves 113 days left in the year.

The last time Andrew Luck played the Bengals (also the last time the Colts beat the Bengals) was 192 weeks before 9/9/18. Indianapolis Colts=192. That game was on 1/4/15. This game comes 14 days before Marvin Lewis’ birthday. Also, 9+9+20+18=56. Frank Reich is 56 years old.

Bills Beat Ravens Week 1

Nathan Peterman is Buffalo’s new starting QB and he is from Jacksonville. Remember how David Katz, the Jacksonville Madden Shooter, was from Baltimore and won last year’s Madden Classic in Buffalo?! What’s more is that Nathan Peterman is 24 years old! Sean McDermott, the coach of the Bills is 44 years old, the Bills can even their all time record against the Ravens to 4-4. This game is 6 months and 12 days or 193 days before McDermott’s 45th birthday. Parkland to Jacksonville was the same span. 193 is the 44th prime. Shooting, Kill, Madden Classic=44.

John Harbaugh falls to 104-72 in his career. The last time they played each other was exactly 104 weeks before the game, which was played on 9/11 lol. Nathan=104. Buffalo Bills=72. Joe Flacco picks up his 63rd career loss vs Buffalo (63).

Eagles Beat Falcons 17-9

If you watched Gematria Effect Sports’ video, you know that 26 is a big number on the game. Matt Ryan has 260 career TD passes. I predict he won’t throw a TD pass to today to keep it on that number. 179 is the 41st prime. The Eagles won the Super Bowl with 41 points. 41 is the 13th prime. The Flag has 13 stripes. 17-9 is 26 combined points. The Eagles can pick up their 17th regular season win against the Falcons. The Falcons would be held at 13 regular season wins. Flag=17, 26.

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Reader Pick: Dodgers Beat Angels 7/8

I agree with this pick. Good observations by Lenny C.

Dodgers beat Angels:

Dodgers can get 53rd win vs Angels on 53 numerology, Los Angeles = 53

It’s Heaney’s 47th game, he can become 4-7 with a loss

It’s 33 days to Heaney’s birthday, the date has 33 numerology

Wood can get his 49th all time win, Dodgers can get their 49th win

It’s Wood’s 157th game, he wears #57 Wood = 57, Andrew Heaney = 57