All Star Game Prediction

This one is tricky because it is no longer West vs East, it is Team LeBron vs Team Stephen. Since Curry is in the West and LeBron is in the East, I will categorize them by West and East. The East has won 37 games, the West has won 29. Both of them are from Akron, OH (37). I expect Team Stephen to win to keep the East on 37 and to win the 4th straight for the West. 4 players on Team LeBron got injured.

Laura Ingraham, who attacked LeBron, hosts The Ingraham Angle (143). Stephen Curry’s Birthday is 14/3 (International). His initials are S(1 in Full Reduction) and C (3). LA=13. The West would get it’s 30th win, Curry wears the number 30. It is hard to tell because it is the first NBA All Star Game in this format. Wish me luck! 😬


1 for 3 on Tonight’s Picks

I picked Spencer Dinwiddie to win the Skills Competition and I was correct. I should have done a better job decoding the other two, but if you bet $100 on Spencer Dinwiddie, you would have won $1300. Anyways, I will try to do a better job picking the All Star Game tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Taco Bell Skills Challenge Prediction

I think that Spencer Dinwiddie will win. His name equals 89, 91, 161, and 271. This is taking place in Los Angeles California=89. 91 is the 13th triangular number (13 stripes, 13 colonies. This year has been all about the flag). He also weighs 91kg. Los Angeles=161. 271 is the 58th prime, Freemasonry=58. He could be the 17th winner, Mason=17. He was also born in LA.

The strongest case for him winning is that this is 317 days after his birthday, and 2/17/18 leaves 317 days left in the year. 317 is the 66th prime, and he is 6’6″. His next birthday is in 48 days and 2/17/18 is the 48th day of the year.

Finally, the game is being played in Staples Center (194). His initials are S (19) and D (4). Hmm…

If I am wrong, it could be Lou Williams because he equals 146 (The flag’s birthday is written 14/6 in most countries), but I don’t think that it will happen.

I didn’t spend a ton of time decoding all of the competitors, but hopefully I decoded enough to predict who will win. Wish me luck! 😬

Prediction for the Three Point Contest

I think that Tobias Harris (185) will win The Thirty Second NBA Three Point Contest (185). Tobias Harris=58, 139. Freemasonry, America=139. This is on 2/17 and it has been 217 days since his 25th birthday.

This is being broadcasted on TNT (27), he plays for the Los Angeles Clippers (207). Money Ball=99, Los Angeles Clippers=99. The Clippers have the same colors as the money ball and as the flag.

If I am wrong, I think that Kyle Lowry will win because his name equals 97 and The Thirty Second NBA Three Point Contest=509 (the 97th prime). Also his name equals 146, the flag’s birthday is on 14/6 (International) and this year is all about the flag.

Prediction: Larry Nance Jr will win the Slam Dunk Contest

This will be The Thirty Third NBA Slam Dunk Contest, which equals 139. Larry Nance Jr=139, America and Freemasonry also equal 139.

This will be at Staples Center (77), Larry Nance Jr=77. This will be on the 48th day of the year, his dad won in ’84 (the reverse of 48). I am not seeing any narratives for anyone else. Other contestants: Donovan Mitchell, Dennis Smith Jr, and Victor Oladipo.

National Anthem Observations

The Star Spangled Banner=223, like The Synagogue of Satan, Masonic (Jewish). It also equals 119, like All Seeing Eye, Star of David. Maryland=88, like the Star Spangled Banner.

Star Spangled Banner=239 (LCH Kabbalah), Flag sewn at 239 Arch St in Philadelphia (223). Fort McHenry=223 (Francis Bacon).

The original poem was called Defence of Fort M’Henry (205), John Stafford Smith=205 (He wrote the music). The original song was called To Anacreon in Heaven=95, like Baltimore Harbor & Baltimore MD.

It was also called The Anacreonatic Song=83, like Defence of Fort M’Henry.

Francis Scott Key=91 (the 13th triangular number). He would later join the American Bible Society (also 91). 13 colonies, 13 stripes.