4/7 NBA Picks

Clippers win

Knicks win

Nets win


2 thoughts on “4/7 NBA Picks”

    1. Not necessarily. Here´s my blow-by-blow from 3/30 /18:

      I took all the same bets (as YD) with three exceptions:
      – I shaded the Pelicans with + 5 because Lebron James still owes Nike at least 333 Billion Dollars and he wrote the damn Bible! (The newish one anyway…) They pushed me anyway (“Push” = 44)
      – I took the Nuggets straight up.
      – I took the Timberwolves straight-up for the “if-they-win” numbers. (44/33)
      I´m a dollar bettor. I literally bet one dollar on each pick. Us novices don´t fuck around!
      (Totally messes with the “money where your mouth is” maniacs.)
      Tally: 5 and 2 with a push or 71.4%!
      Money bet: $7.00 ( not counting Cavs)
      Money back: $6.60* I kid you not! (Hey! My dollar made 16 cents on the Timberwolves!)
      My point? Today´s haul at 71.4% (try THAT Mickey Mantle!): = – 44 centavos amigos,
      or a loss of 6%. Which, annualized by the day, would be in the neighborhood of an annual net loss of 608.66666%. Look out Vegas! Big Daddy is coming!

      There is no “profit” in a rigged system. The profit is in ending it.


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