7/8 Morning Picks with TANK3R2

White Sox beat Astros

Phillies beat Pirates (big game for Drew Anderson)

Yankees beat Blue Jays

Indians beat Athletics

Mets beat Rays

Tigers beat Rangers

Nationals beat Marlins

Braves beat Brewers

Twins beat Orioles

Red Sox beat Royals

Cubs beat Reds 6-2

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Stay tuned for picks for the afternoon games!

God bless,

Young Decoder


2 thoughts on “7/8 Morning Picks with TANK3R2”

  1. Dodgers beat Angels:
    Dodgers can get 53rd win vs Angels on 53 numerology, Los Angeles = 53
    It’s Heaney’s 47th game, he can become 4-7 with a loss
    It’s 33 days to Heaney’s birthday, the date has 33 numerology
    Wood can get his 49th all time win, Dodgers can get their 49th win
    It’s Wood’s 157th game, he wears #57 Wood = 57, Andrew Heaney = 57

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