Reader Pick: Dodgers Beat Angels 7/8

I agree with this pick. Good observations by Lenny C.

Dodgers beat Angels:

Dodgers can get 53rd win vs Angels on 53 numerology, Los Angeles = 53

It’s Heaney’s 47th game, he can become 4-7 with a loss

It’s 33 days to Heaney’s birthday, the date has 33 numerology

Wood can get his 49th all time win, Dodgers can get their 49th win

It’s Wood’s 157th game, he wears #57 Wood = 57, Andrew Heaney = 57


One thought on “Reader Pick: Dodgers Beat Angels 7/8”

  1. Glad you agree! We’ll see if it comes to fruition, I didn’t follow any long term narratives and those are very important.


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