Bills Beat Ravens Week 1

Nathan Peterman is Buffalo’s new starting QB and he is from Jacksonville. Remember how David Katz, the Jacksonville Madden Shooter, was from Baltimore and won last year’s Madden Classic in Buffalo?! What’s more is that Nathan Peterman is 24 years old! Sean McDermott, the coach of the Bills is 44 years old, the Bills can even their all time record against the Ravens to 4-4. This game is 6 months and 12 days or 193 days before McDermott’s 45th birthday. Parkland to Jacksonville was the same span. 193 is the 44th prime. Shooting, Kill, Madden Classic=44.

John Harbaugh falls to 104-72 in his career. The last time they played each other was exactly 104 weeks before the game, which was played on 9/11 lol. Nathan=104. Buffalo Bills=72. Joe Flacco picks up his 63rd career loss vs Buffalo (63).


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