Clues in Mariners Game and Nationals Game 7/3/18

The Nationals lost 11-4 to fall to 42-42 the same day the Mariners beat Shohei Ohtani and the Angels. Remember, the Asian riddle with Ichiro coming to Seattle. Asian=44, both teams scored 4 runs last night.


Thoughts on a Q&A, Call in style show, or a round table?

Hey guys, thanks for following me even though I haven’t posted a lot recently. I would like to set up a special event, which I would like you to decide. I will have it at the next time I am free to do so. I can do a Q&A, where you can ask me any question you want (keep it PG or PG-13). I could also do a livestream on my YouTube channel where you guys could “call in.” Or I could do a round table with a few of you guys and discuss gematria while live streaming. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Young Decoder

Danny Kirwan, Fleetwood Mac Guitarist, Dies at 68

He joined Fleetwood Mac in 1968 and he died on 6/8 at 68 years old. His most famous song was Albatross (26), he died 26 days after his birthday and 206 days before the end of the year. June Eighth=107 and 163, Albatross=107, he joined Fleetwood Mac at 17. He got kicked out of Fleetwood Mac due to his alcoholism (107 and 163). Ritual Sacrifice=107. 163 is the 38th prime, Death=38. RIP=38. No cause of death has been reported yet.

Another British musician dead, who is next?

Organic Matrix in My Own Life

I was watching the Dodgers game and the announcer said that the other team was focusing on being a tough out. I thought it was good advice for me, since I play baseball. Yesterday, I took that approach to the plate and I drew 2 walks (1 of them was 7 pitches long) and I had a 6 pitch strikeout, where I didn’t chase anything. We won 12-5 by the way. After the game, I realized that the Dodgers were playing the Pirates that day and the team I play on is called the Pirates. Strange world…

Cavs Beat Warriors in 6

They would win the series 4-2. LeBron James=42. 12+30 (his birthday)=42. He gave prayers to Bill Russell (42) after he was hospitalized after having a 42 point triple double in game 2. Oscar Robertson has the most triple doubles with 181, the 42nd prime. Also the finals will end on flag day and Donald Trump’s birthday. Remember that LeBron attacked Trump after those comments. Also, all of the stories about racism are on his side because 42 is a big number for racism and black history. The MLK HBO documentary came out on 4/2. Game 6 is exactly 17 weeks after the shut up and dribble comment by Laura Ingraham, which some said was racially charged. Ohio=17. David Hogg is 17 years old. Also, Laura Ingraham was in the news for attacked David Hogg about his GPA, and he had a 4.2 GPA. And even better, Laura Ingraham attacked LeBron and David Hogg 42 days apart!

Cavs Beat Warriors 4-2 to win the 2018 NBA Finals 🔒