Cavs will win 4 straight to advance to the NBA Finals

LeBron scored 42 points and a triple double in game 2. If the Cavs win 4 straight, they will win the series 4-2. Oscar Robertson has the most triple doubles ever at 181, the 42nd prime. LeBron James=42, Freemason=42. They will improve their playoff record this year to 12-5, Cleveland Ohio=125. 5/25, the date of game 6 is 23 days away from game 7 of the NBA Finals. LeBron wears #23.


Stanley Cup Picks

Western Conference Finals:

Jets Beat Golden Knights in 6

Eastern Conference Finals:

Capitals Beat Lightning in 7

Finals: Jets Beat Capitals in 6

Trump Tears Up the Iran Deal by the Numbers Plus Rockets Halftime Pick

Donald Trump won the 58th election, owns the 58 story Trump Tower, and he hired 58 year old Steve Ray for his inauguration. Now he repeals the Iran Deal on 5/8. Obama (31) signed it and it gets repealed on a day with date numerology of 31. The Apprentice=211, Nuclear Weapons=211. 211 is the 47th prime, Trump=47. Obama was elected at 47. Today is 5 weeks and 2 days from Trump’s next birthday, The Iran Deal=52, Kabbalah=52, Gematria=52. Also, the deal was about Rockets. Obama called the decision “misguided” which equals 91. Rockets=91. It is 1:02 before the half right now in the Rockets game and it is 45-44 Rockets. I think the Rockets can pull it out and win today.

Principle #1: Individualism

You may or may not have heard of this word, but it means judging people as individuals not as one big group. For example, I think Freemasonry is an evil group, but I don’t think all freemasons are evil. Also, I don’t like Islam as a religion because it preaches hate against people who aren’t like them, but I think that there are good people who are Muslim who don’t believe in Sharia Law. All of us should open up our minds to this idea because we do not like it very much when we are lumped in with Flat Earthers or people like Alex Jones. I believe that if we judge people as individuals, we can avoid racial tensions, and get a better idea of who is good and who is bad in this world.

God Bless,

Young Decoder