More Sevens associated with Bruno Mars and the Grammys

This article talks about SEVEN 90’s throwbacks. Bruno Mars won 7 out of 7, 7 days before the Super Bowl. He performed Finesse, which equals 77. The Grammy were on 1/28/18, which numerology of 49 (7•7)

Throwbacks=389 in primes (the 77th prime)

Bruno Mars is 32 years old, NFL=32, and the NFL has 32 teams. Also the NFL has 8 divisions and 4 teams in each division. There were 84 awards presented at the Grammys and Dan Rooney, the late owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers died at 84 last year.

Some websites are saying Mars went 6 for 6, which is not true because they don’t count his award for the best engineered album, non-classical. The reason why they are saying this is because Cardi B, who performed Finesse with Bruno Mars, had her 25th birthday 3 months and 17 days before the Grammys. 317 is the 66th prime.


Sick: Loyalty and Sacrifice

This article comes from the same website who ridiculed Zachary K Hubbard’s correct prediction of the AFC and NFC championship games in the 2015-2016 NFL season. Now they are on to loyalty and sacrifice. The Masons and government-media-sports complex want loyalty to do what they want you to do or there will be repercussions. Sacrifice: Most celebrities are murdered by this code and most of their families are as well by this code.

Gematria of this headline:

Loyalty and Sacrifice=311 (the 64th prime)

Both Blake Griffin and Stephen Curry, the 2 players written about, equal 64 in Full Reduction

Stephen Curry and Sacrifice both equal 62 in Reverse Full Reduction

USA Today and Prophecy=106, 110 in Ordinal and Reverse Ordinal

Tom Brady’s Scripted Salary

Google: Currently playing under a two-year, $41 million contract he signed last March, some could make the argument that Brady is actually underpaid. His annual average of $20.5 million makes him the 12th highest-paid quarterback in the NFL.

A couple things pop out:

  1. 41 is the 13th prime. It has been 13 years since the Patriots and Eagles have played in the Super Bowl. This NFL season has been all about the flag. The flag has 13 stripes. Tom Brady plays for the Patriots. Super Bowl=41. He will turn 41 next year
  2. They said he was underpaid. Underpaid=47 (the 15th prime) and 52. Tom=15. This is Super Bowl 52. Tom also equals 48, this will be the 48th Super Bowl since the AFL-NFL merger
  3. The 12th highest paid. Tom Brady wears number 12. Tom=12
  4. He signed the contract in March, which equals 92, just like underpaid
  5. 20.5 million or 25. He signed before season of the 25 point comeback on 2/5 against the Falcons, Falcons=25

1.8 Million Dreamers+Current Immigration Proposals Decoded

  • Race=18
  • Season of Super Bowl 52, Dreamers=52, Dream Act=52
  • Amnesty=25, 38, 97
  • Trump wants $25 billion for the wall, 97 is the 25th prime as well
  • The Senate is planning to introduce legislation on immigration on the week of 2/5
  • Dreamers, Amnesty=38
  • Interesting how the Senate needs 60 votes, Wall=60. Citizenship also equals 60
  • Trump believes that the wall will stop the crime and drugs coming into the US. Wall=24, 48. Drugs=24. Crime=48.
  • Trump wants to keep the Mexicans out, many people claim. Trump, Mexicans=47, 88. Trump has been called racist by many people, racist=47.
  • Trump wants to repeal the Diversity Lottery and Chain Migration, both equal 84. United States of America=84
  • Trump has made a “Muslim Ban” Muslim Ban, America=32 and 139

Additional Information on Jacqueline Kent Cooke

Additional information on this story that Zachary K Hubbard didn’t catch. His article: Jacqueline Kent Cooke

Washington Redskins=257 (the 55th prime). The veal chops were $55. Veal Chops=101 (the 26th prime). God=26, Flag=26, the alphabet has 26 letters. Glass purse=61, 137, like Washington DC. 61 is the 18th prime. Race=18. 137 is the 33rd prime, Lawyer=33. Washington DC: 38 degrees North 77 degrees West. Veal Chops=38. Judaism=77. She was charged with Alleged Assault, which equals 139 (the 34th prime) and 239 (the 52nd prime). Jewish=34, 29. Football=29.

Democracy Dies in Darkness Decoded

The Washington Post’s slogan has been Democracy Dies in Darkness since 2/21/17, this was a span of 289 days before the Washington Post’s 140th anniversary. Democracy Dies in Darkness=140, 238. It was made the slogan on February Twenty First, which equals 238. With the 2/21, like 221, 221’s divisors add up to 252, the amount of days left in the year that it’s founder, Stilson Hutchins died in.

As for 289, it is 17 times 17, like how freemasonry was founded in 1717. Mason=17.

Bob Woodward came up with the slogan, his name equals 58, like Secret Society and Freemasonry. Bob Woodward also equals 77, the newspaper was founded in 1877.

The founder, Stilson Hutchins died on a day with numerology of 58 (April 23, 1912) and the Post was founded on 12/06/1877, which has numerology of 113, the number of deceit.

It was an “old saying”, old saying=137, just like Washington DC. Old saying also equals 47, the Washington Post won its 47th Pulitzer Prize in 2017. 2017 is an octal of 1039, Freemasonry=139. Pulitzer=127, the 31st prime. The slogan was made official on 2/21/17, which has a numerology of 31.

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