Bruno Mars’ Big Night at the Grammys+Stereotyping of Blacks Continues

Bruno Mars won 7 awards, the most of any artist this year. Bruno Mars’ real name is Peter Gene Hernandez. He changed it because he didn’t want people to think he was Hispanic.

Racial Stereotypes: Bruno Mars=59, he used to be with Motown Records, which came out in 1959. Negro, Slave, Blues, etc.=59.

60th Grammys: Bruno Mars was born on the 281st day of the year. 281 is the 60th prime. Twenty Four Karat Magic=89 won Album of the Year, 89 is the 24th prime. The Super Bowl on 2/4.

He won 7 out of 7 awards 7 days before the Super Bowl. Tom Brady born in 77, Terry Tyree Glenn=77, who caught the “GOAT’s” first TD pass died 77 days before the Super Bowl.

He performed Finesse at the Grammys, which (you guessed it)=77.

Finesse also=32, Bruno Mars is 32 years old.

Bruno Mars=121, just like Sixtieth Grammy Awards


Justin Timberlake at Super Bowl 52: Chosen by the Masons

  • Justin Timberlake=243 (3 to the 5th power)
  • Super Bowl 52 on the 35th day of the year
  • Tom Brady=35
  • Justin Timberlake’s new song, Filthy=35.
  • Justin Timberlake’s upcoming album, Man in the Woods. Minnesota=Woods.
  • Man in the Woods=61 (the 18th prime)
  • Bill Belichick=61
  • Belichick’s 18th season coaching the Pats’
  • Belichick=62
  • Minneapolis=62
  • Patriots could go 6-2 in Super Bowls
  • This will be Gene Steratore’s 14th Eagles game reffed and his 18th Pats game reffed. 32 total between both teams
  • Super Bowl is in Hennepin County. Hennepin=32, 49 and 131
  • Super Bowl=49 and 131
  • Twin Cities=131

Barry and Honey Sherman Ritual Sacrifice

What happened: Barry and Honey Sherman were found dead in their home on December 15th, 2017. 42 days later on January 26th, 2018, Toronto police said that they were murdered by strangulation. Barry Sherman was a billionaire, and the 12th richest person in Canada (Forbes).

Date Numerology:

December 15th: 17 (Mason, Kill), 44 (Kill), 46 (Sacrifice)

January 26th: 38 (Murder), 47 (Murdered)

Date Span, Location, & More:

12/15-1/26 could be measured as 43 total days. Billionaire=191 (the 43rd prime). Murdered=43, 47. Toronto is on the 47th parallel. Barry Sherman died 49 days before his birthday. 49= 7 squared. Toronto=72. They were strangled, strangled=53 (the 16th prime). They died with 16 days left in the year. He died at age 75, seventy five=53. Barry Sherman’s real name was Bernard Charles Sherman. Bernard= 46, 62 (Sacrifice). Barry was born on 2/2/42. Double Homicide=253, the 22nd triangular number.

Honey Sherman:

There wasn’t much information I could find on her, but she died at 70.

Mark Smith: Another English Musician killed by the Masons

Mark Smith, the leader of the Fall, died at 60. Mark Smith=40,59,112,131. This is a perfect match with rock music. Super Bowl=112, 131. The Fall=35, which is his birthday (3/5). Grotesque was one of the band’s most famous albums. Grotesque=46 and 44, like sacrifice and kill, respectively. The Fall also had 46 single tracks. Grotesque was #38 in New Zealand in 1980, 38 years before he died. His autobiography was called Renegade, which equals 59, like Freemasonry, and 59 is the 17th prime, like Mason. The divisors of 59, add up to 60, which how old he was when he died. Also, the Fall’s first concert was on 5/23/77 or 23/5. The legs on the Freemasonry symbol form a 23.5 degree angle and the Tropics are 23.5 degrees north and south of the equator. The cause of his death is “unknown” at the moment. Unknown, just like his name equals 112. It also equals 32 and 77, the Fall had 32 studio albums and 32 live albums. Their first concert was in 1977, the same year Tom Brady was born. Super Bowl also equals 49, which is 7 squared. He died 11 days before the Super Bowl, 11 is the 5th prime. Tom Brady has 5 Super Bowl championships. Fall=77. Isn’t it a coincidence how Jim Rodford, an English musician dies from a fall, and then 4 days later, the leader of the Fall dies! Not to mention Dolores O’Riordan died in London 5 days before Jim Rodford. But it must be a coincidence…😉