Rigged GDP growth

The New York Times published an article today about the US having 2.6% GDP growth in the 4th quarter on January 26th! Flag=26. This year has been all about the Flag with the NFL season.


Mark Smith: Another English Musician killed by the Masons

Mark Smith, the leader of the Fall, died at 60. Mark Smith=40,59,112,131. This is a perfect match with rock music. Super Bowl=112, 131. The Fall=35, which is his birthday (3/5). Grotesque was one of the band’s most famous albums. Grotesque=46 and 44, like sacrifice and kill, respectively. The Fall also had 46 single tracks. Grotesque was #38 in New Zealand in 1980, 38 years before he died. His autobiography was called Renegade, which equals 59, like Freemasonry, and 59 is the 17th prime, like Mason. The divisors of 59, add up to 60, which how old he was when he died. Also, the Fall’s first concert was on 5/23/77 or 23/5. The legs on the Freemasonry symbol form a 23.5 degree angle and the Tropics are 23.5 degrees north and south of the equator. The cause of his death is “unknown” at the moment. Unknown, just like his name equals 112. It also equals 32 and 77, the Fall had 32 studio albums and 32 live albums. Their first concert was in 1977, the same year Tom Brady was born. Super Bowl also equals 49, which is 7 squared. He died 11 days before the Super Bowl, 11 is the 5th prime. Tom Brady has 5 Super Bowl championships. Fall=77. Isn’t it a coincidence how Jim Rodford, an English musician dies from a fall, and then 4 days later, the leader of the Fall dies! Not to mention Dolores O’Riordan died in London 5 days before Jim Rodford. But it must be a coincidence…😉

Kaepernick to Raiders after Rooney Rule Violation?

First off, let’s start off why Kaepernick was chosen by the Masons to kneel. Colin Kaepernick=259, 74, 146, and 88. Black Lives Matter=259. Of course Jesus and Jesus Christ=74. Also Trump attacked the anthem protests, Trump=88, Kneel=88. Unpatriotic=146. Social Justice=88 and 146. The Raiders are a good match for Kaepernick because Raiders=74 and 52. The Black Panther Party was founded in Oakland 52 years ago. Also Huey P Newton (the founder of the Black Panther Party) and Oakland have triple gematria of 41, 58, and 131. 41 is the 13th prime, 13% of the US population is black. The news likely happened on 1/22 or 22/1, Discrimination=221 and Oakland is on the 122nd meridian. This also happened 11 weeks and 3 days from his birthday on 11/3. Also November 3rd and January 22nd are related. November 3rd is the 307th day of the year, like Bloody Sunday (3/7). January 22nd leaves 343 days left in the year, which is 7 cubed. Oakland is on the 37th parallel. Kaepernick was born in Milwaukee, which equals 37. Kaepernick will sign with the Raiders, and it will cause an uproar from the right and a counter reaction from the left, which is the Masons goal, dividing people and setting them against each other. Don’t be surprised to see Kaepernick signing a $3.7 million/year contract. I will be calling in on Zach’s show, the Gematria effect, Wednesday night. Please listen to it, it is a great show. Anything I missed, please let me know. Thanks!

Decoding Donte Shannon’s Death

Donte Shannon was shot by Racine Police after fleeing from a traffic stop. Donte Shannon=181 (the 42nd prime). Jackie=42, Malcolm X=42, Martin=42, February=42 (which is Black History Month), etc. This happened on 1/17, which has a numerology of 18, like race. January Seventeenth=74, like Jesus and Jesus Christ. This most likely symbolized Jesus’ Christ’s crucifixion. He died at 26, twenty six=42. January Seventeenth=259, just like Black Lives Matter. Racine is on the 42nd parallel. Traffic Stop=61 in single reduction, like Jesus, Church, Miracle. In reverse single reduction ep, traffic stop equals 74. Cross=61,74, and 42(ALW Kabbalah). Finally, the mayor of Racine is Cory MASON!!!

Murder by Numbers: Jim Johannson

Jim Johannson was the GM for US Hockey and he died today at 53, while sleeping. He died on 1/21, blood sacrifice=121. He was a general manager, which equals 121 He was born on 3/10, Hockey has gematria of 31 and 67, blood sacrifice=67. He also played hockey the Wisconsin Badgers, Wisconsin Badgers=73 (the 21st prime). He died on the 21st day of the year. He also “died in his sleep”, which equals 240, the last time NHL players didn’t play in the Olympics was 24 years ago. Johannson=38, 43, like killing, death, and murder. Finally, he died on January Twenty-first, which equals 109 (the 29th prime). The Winter Olympics this year starts on 2/9.

Jim Rodford dies at 76: Latest victim of the Masons

Jim Rodford died today after “a fall on the stairs.” Jim Rodford=59, he died on a day with 59 numerology. He has triple gematria with freemasonry. 58(full), 59(reverse full), 158(reverse ordinal). He died exactly 24 weeks before his next birthday, where he would have turned 77 on 7/7. He died from a fall, Fall=77. He was a bassist, bassist=89 (the 24th prime), the Super Bowl is on 2/4. He played for the Zombies, Zombies=89. Also he played at a concert in Florida, days before he died, Florida=38, Death=38, Killing=38. His middle name, Walter=38. Walter also equals 83, the year Murder by Numbers came out in. He also played with the Kinks for 18 years. He died in 2018. January Twentienth=218, just like Death in English Extended. 2018 is a lot like 218. Also, he fell on the stairs, stairs=76, which was how old he was when died.