Government Shutdown on Purpose!

It has been 137 days since Trump repealed DACA. 137 is the 33rd prime. 33 is a number encoded into many hoaxes. Schumer (the Democratic minority leader in the Senate)=33. They were arguing over immigration, which equals 169, the square root of 169 is 13, another big hoax code. CNN put out a headline, that I got as an alert on my iPhone. The headline was: Government shuts down as lawmakers still searching for a deal. That headline=617, the 113th prime. The last time the government shutdown down was under the 113th congress. The reason why the government shut down wasn’t because these puppets couldn’t agree on some stupid immigration bill, the reason why is to rile up Democrats and Republicans and to point fingers at each other, while Congressmen and women are still get paid with American tax dollars! Also, the public is unable to visit National Parks or other memorials or monuments maintained by the federal government.


Meaning behind Skol and how it relates the “Minnesota Miracle” + Vikings vs Eagles

Skol, Vikings is the Minnesota Vikings official anthem. It was written in 1961 (the Vikings’ first season). The Minnesota Miracle was 61 yards and Miracle=61. Minneapolis, Minnesota=61 (Septenary). Skol=57. This is the Vikings’ 57th season. James McLeod wrote the music and lyrics. James McLeod=62. Just like Minneapolis. Skol is a Scandinavian word for good health (which is very ironic considering all the concussions in the NFL). It is often used as a toast. Toast=61. Also, James McLeod was from Edina, Minnesota which equals 62. More food for thought: the Eagles are 6-2 vs the Vikings since 2001. Also Minnesota is 6-1 on the road since Week 5. Philadelphia=61. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=89 (Chaldean). 89 is the 24th prime number. The Super Bowl this year is on 2/4. This game this weekend is the 24th game all time between the Vikings and Eagles. Coincidence? Decide for yourselves.

Update: Minneapolis Miracle=62 in Chaldean. It also equals 89 (24th prime) See above. US Bank Stadium will be hosting the Super Bowl this year, on 4/2 (International), equals 42 in Chaldean.

Details on the Thirteen Sibilings

This incident happened in Perris. Perris=41 (the 13th prime). Also, Torture equals 117, Thirteen=117. Perris is on the 117th meridian. Turpins’ (the torturers’ last name).  Louise (the wife)=81 forwards and backwards, just like ritual.

The Turpins’ formerly lived in Murrieta, California, which equals 94. They could get 94 years in prison. They also could get a life sentence. Life Sentence= 117. I recommend that you watch Gematrinator_64’s video Homeschool from hell because it has more interesting info.


Details on the Porn Star Settlement with Donald Trump and Connections to the Jaguars and August Ames

Donald Trump settled a sexual affair accusation with porn star Stephanie Clifford for $130,000

This is interesting because she weighs 130 lbs.

Her nickname is Stormy Waters which equals 52. This is right before Super Bowl 52. Hurricane=52 Flood=52. Also, Jacksonville is playing this weekend. Remember that Jacksonville got the worst of Irma. Leonard Fournette=239, the 52nd prime, who is the Jags’ star running back. Even though I think it will be the Patriots-Eagles in the Super Bowl, there might be a tribute to her in the Jags-Pats game. Stormy also equals 52.

Also this news came out on 1/12, 38 days after porn star August Ames’ death. Stephanie Clifford is 38, Death=38. Also Super Bowl=112 and Jaguars=112. This is the perfect day for this news to come out because porn star= 121 or 12/1. Jaguars also equals 23, which is how old Ames was when she died.

August Ames died in Camarillo, CA, which is on the 34th parallel. Murder=34 Apparently she committed suicide, suicide=34 She also died on a day with 34 numerology: 12/5/17. 12+5+17=34

August Ames played Audrey in the film Model for Murder. Model for Murder=76. It was released on 6/21/16 or 21/6. 216=6*6*6. She died exactly 76 weeks after the movie was released. Audrey=34

Ames died on a day with 17 numerology. 12+5=17. Kill=17 Mason=17. Freemasonry established in 1717.

Both of these porn stars are lesbian, at least Stephanie Clifford did do lesbian porn. Lesbian=26. Ames died with 26 days left in the year. Anything I missed let me know in the comments.

Influenza A Outbreak in California could be biological warfare

The link to the published story is below:

The writer described it as a war zone.

War Zone=102

She had a 102 degree fever in the article

Influenza A= 161

Golden Ratio= 1.61

Story Published on 16/1 (International)

Los Angeles= 161

42 people in CA had died since October from influenza A, which is right after MLK day. 42 is a number stamped all over Black History. Jackie=42 Rodney King died in Rialto, which equals 42. February (Black History Month) = 42. Martin=42. Malcolm X=42… etc.

Also the article mentions ‘surge tents’, Surge Tents= 59, which is the 17th prime. Mason=17 Freemasonry was established in 1717. Kill=17. 1+16 (the date this was published had a numerology of 17.

Also since it was published on Golden Ratio day, which relates to the Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci numbers: Murder=34 Kill=89



MLK Jr Assassination and Bloody Sunday Information

I used the 4 base ciphers in addition to single reduction and reverse reduction.

Gunfire:80 and 44
Died 80 days after his birthday on 4/4
Memphis: 34
Murder: 34
TN: 34 (abbreviation of Tennessee)
Kill: 44
Gunshot wound to the head: 93
Martin Luther King Jr: 93
MLK’s birthday: 115
John Lewis (another civil rights icon): 115
– [ ] Bloody Sunday: 3/7 or 7/3 (International)
– [ ] Civil Rights: 73 Single Reduction
– [ ] Blood: 48 and 87
– [ ] Edmund Pettus Bridge: Declared a National landmark 48 years later
– [ ] Edmund Pettus Bridge on the 87th meridian
– [ ] Jimmie Lee Jackson who died before the march, one of the main reasons why they marched: 64 (Civil Rights, Lyndon B Johnson, Civil Rights Act signed in 64), 73 (day of march, Civil Rights)
– [ ] March Seventh: 64
– [ ] James Earl Ray: MLK’s assassin convicted on his 41st birthday
– [ ] Convicted: 41
– [ ] Bobby Kennedy and MLK assassinated in 1968
– [ ] Assassinated=68
– [ ] Assassin: 115 (MLK’s birthday)
– [ ] The American Promise (speech by LBJ after Bloody Sunday): 93
– [ ] Bloody Sunday started at the Brown Chapel AME Church: 343 (7 cubed)
– [ ] Montgomery Alabama: 283 (61st prime) (where the march ended)
– [ ] It started at a Church, Church=61 Jesus=61 Miracle=61
– [ ] James Bonnard Fowler who killed Jimmie Lee Jackson=181, 73 (42nd prime(all over Black History))
– [ ] They marched to the State Capitol=42
– [ ] They marched along United States Route Eighty: 311 (The day the Edmund Pettus Bridge was designated as a national landmark)

If there is anything that I missed let me know in the comments.