Meaning behind Skol and how it relates the “Minnesota Miracle” + Vikings vs Eagles

Skol, Vikings is the Minnesota Vikings official anthem. It was written in 1961 (the Vikings’ first season). The Minnesota Miracle was 61 yards and Miracle=61. Minneapolis, Minnesota=61 (Septenary). Skol=57. This is the Vikings’ 57th season. James McLeod wrote the music and lyrics. James McLeod=62. Just like Minneapolis. Skol is a Scandinavian word for good health (which is very ironic considering all the concussions in the NFL). It is often used as a toast. Toast=61. Also, James McLeod was from Edina, Minnesota which equals 62. More food for thought: the Eagles are 6-2 vs the Vikings since 2001. Also Minnesota is 6-1 on the road since Week 5. Philadelphia=61. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=89 (Chaldean). 89 is the 24th prime number. The Super Bowl this year is on 2/4. This game this weekend is the 24th game all time between the Vikings and Eagles. Coincidence? Decide for yourselves.

Update: Minneapolis Miracle=62 in Chaldean. It also equals 89 (24th prime) See above. US Bank Stadium will be hosting the Super Bowl this year, on 4/2 (International), equals 42 in Chaldean.


Details on the Thirteen Sibilings

This incident happened in Perris. Perris=41 (the 13th prime). Also, Torture equals 117, Thirteen=117. Perris is on the 117th meridian. Turpins’ (the torturers’ last name).  Louise (the wife)=81 forwards and backwards, just like ritual.

The Turpins’ formerly lived in Murrieta, California, which equals 94. They could get 94 years in prison. They also could get a life sentence. Life Sentence= 117. I recommend that you watch Gematrinator_64’s video Homeschool from hell because it has more interesting info.


Details on the Porn Star Settlement with Donald Trump and Connections to the Jaguars and August Ames

Donald Trump settled a sexual affair accusation with porn star Stephanie Clifford for $130,000

This is interesting because she weighs 130 lbs.

Her nickname is Stormy Waters which equals 52. This is right before Super Bowl 52. Hurricane=52 Flood=52. Also, Jacksonville is playing this weekend. Remember that Jacksonville got the worst of Irma. Leonard Fournette=239, the 52nd prime, who is the Jags’ star running back. Even though I think it will be the Patriots-Eagles in the Super Bowl, there might be a tribute to her in the Jags-Pats game. Stormy also equals 52.

Also this news came out on 1/12, 38 days after porn star August Ames’ death. Stephanie Clifford is 38, Death=38. Also Super Bowl=112 and Jaguars=112. This is the perfect day for this news to come out because porn star= 121 or 12/1. Jaguars also equals 23, which is how old Ames was when she died.

August Ames died in Camarillo, CA, which is on the 34th parallel. Murder=34 Apparently she committed suicide, suicide=34 She also died on a day with 34 numerology: 12/5/17. 12+5+17=34

August Ames played Audrey in the film Model for Murder. Model for Murder=76. It was released on 6/21/16 or 21/6. 216=6*6*6. She died exactly 76 weeks after the movie was released. Audrey=34

Ames died on a day with 17 numerology. 12+5=17. Kill=17 Mason=17. Freemasonry established in 1717.

Both of these porn stars are lesbian, at least Stephanie Clifford did do lesbian porn. Lesbian=26. Ames died with 26 days left in the year. Anything I missed let me know in the comments.

Influenza A Outbreak in California could be biological warfare

The link to the published story is below:

The writer described it as a war zone.

War Zone=102

She had a 102 degree fever in the article

Influenza A= 161

Golden Ratio= 1.61

Story Published on 16/1 (International)

Los Angeles= 161

42 people in CA had died since October from influenza A, which is right after MLK day. 42 is a number stamped all over Black History. Jackie=42 Rodney King died in Rialto, which equals 42. February (Black History Month) = 42. Martin=42. Malcolm X=42… etc.

Also the article mentions ‘surge tents’, Surge Tents= 59, which is the 17th prime. Mason=17 Freemasonry was established in 1717. Kill=17. 1+16 (the date this was published had a numerology of 17.

Also since it was published on Golden Ratio day, which relates to the Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci numbers: Murder=34 Kill=89



MLK Jr Assassination and Bloody Sunday Information

I used the 4 base ciphers in addition to single reduction and reverse reduction.

Gunfire:80 and 44
Died 80 days after his birthday on 4/4
Memphis: 34
Murder: 34
TN: 34 (abbreviation of Tennessee)
Kill: 44
Gunshot wound to the head: 93
Martin Luther King Jr: 93
MLK’s birthday: 115
John Lewis (another civil rights icon): 115
– [ ] Bloody Sunday: 3/7 or 7/3 (International)
– [ ] Civil Rights: 73 Single Reduction
– [ ] Blood: 48 and 87
– [ ] Edmund Pettus Bridge: Declared a National landmark 48 years later
– [ ] Edmund Pettus Bridge on the 87th meridian
– [ ] Jimmie Lee Jackson who died before the march, one of the main reasons why they marched: 64 (Civil Rights, Lyndon B Johnson, Civil Rights Act signed in 64), 73 (day of march, Civil Rights)
– [ ] March Seventh: 64
– [ ] James Earl Ray: MLK’s assassin convicted on his 41st birthday
– [ ] Convicted: 41
– [ ] Bobby Kennedy and MLK assassinated in 1968
– [ ] Assassinated=68
– [ ] Assassin: 115 (MLK’s birthday)
– [ ] The American Promise (speech by LBJ after Bloody Sunday): 93
– [ ] Bloody Sunday started at the Brown Chapel AME Church: 343 (7 cubed)
– [ ] Montgomery Alabama: 283 (61st prime) (where the march ended)
– [ ] It started at a Church, Church=61 Jesus=61 Miracle=61
– [ ] James Bonnard Fowler who killed Jimmie Lee Jackson=181, 73 (42nd prime(all over Black History))
– [ ] They marched to the State Capitol=42
– [ ] They marched along United States Route Eighty: 311 (The day the Edmund Pettus Bridge was designated as a national landmark)

If there is anything that I missed let me know in the comments.